Philosophy of art works with ‘lack’ / なぜ欠損した作品を作るのか

Hello and bye
Hello and bye / こんにちは、そしてさようなら

Why do I make artworks which lack something?


The expression of lack appeared first in the following picture in 2015. This was the conceptual drawing of “For example, If we can not understand each other” which would be a sculpture of ostrich.

ダチョウ彫刻の “例えば わたしたちは わかりあえないの
だとして” のコンセプトドローイングです。

I think the clue was the death of my mother in the end of 2014, but it also should be the result of my thought about various things such as Empathy,Existence, Hope and Lost etc.


We all must have lost something and we are trying to look for the hope from the lost.
But I think when it appears from lack the shape might be unexpectedly grotesque or inorganic but it must be beautiful for the person. Each appearance will be different by each person. We may be able to feel empathy for the personal something or not be able to take in it.


Why do I make animal artworks?


I have some reasons why I make animal works. The first is from my policy as an artist. Around 2000, I started to learn scuplture and saw many sculptures and paintings in Tokyo and Paris. I felt “Too much expressions of subject of human being!” so that I decided to avoid making common human being figures.


The second is related to the first. I thought animal sculptures which I saw were too abstracted and there’s no TORSO. Therefore there were a lot of areas to study new expressions. It also could say “Too less expressions of subject of animals!”.


The last is simple. I like animals. I need to observe a real animal to make an artwork of the animal. I make a new finding when I address to making new animal artwork. It’s also my pleasure.